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A psychoeducational assessment involves a standardized assessment of a child’s or adolescent’s intellectual and academic abilities. It is administered by one of our psychologists and combined with clinical interviews, observations, and historical records to help understand how your child/adolescent learns, and identify if and how they’re struggling. It measures overall aptitude and academic achievement around core skills, such as reading, writing and math. It involves a number of techniques and tests, including pencil and paper activities, verbal responses, and the evaluation of motor skills. The assessment varies based on a child’s or adolescent’s age.

The results can help the psychologist understand your child’s or adolescent’s potential (i.e., if they are gifted or have a learning disability) and provide strategies/recommendations to support them. During these assessments, other concerns are also evaluated, such as attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder or anxiety, and recommendations for your child/adolescent are based on a combination of standardized test results and the evaluation of psychosocial and/or mental health issues.

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