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Group Therapy for Depression/Anxiety

‎Schuler Counselling & Consultation‎ is now offering therapeutic and psychoeducational groups for anxiety and depression to children and teens. These treatment groups are co-facilitated by Clinical Associates with expertise in children’s mental health (specifically related to anxiety and depression‎). All treatment groups are grounded in Cognitive Behaviour Treatment (CBT), Mindfulness, and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT).

Walk-and-Talk Therapy

This service is ideal for young/mid teens who struggle with ADHD and other focus-related concerns. Additionally, COVID-19 has taught the mental health community that service delivery can be implemented in a variety of non-traditional formats, such as utilizing the outdoors or other open spaces (such as parks). Dr. Schuler and his team have found that using natural spaces, such as the Toronto beltline can have profound positive effects on a young person’s mood and functioning.

Adolescent Boys Running Group

Schuler Counselling & Consultation offers a unique therapeutic running group for adolescent boys, which was piloted in 2007. This specialized running group integrates the growing body of clinical evidence demonstrating the benefits of sustained cardiovascular ‎exercise on mental health recovery with that of therapeutic group dynamics and camaraderie effects.

Boys Cross-Fit/Mentoring Group

This service may be the first of its kind where Dr. Schuler will combine his extensive knowledge and clinical expertise with the benefits of weight and resistance training (Cross-Fit style). This therapeutic support is currently being piloted and remains in the development phase, but it will be delivered by both Dr. Schuler and an expert in the health and fitness industry.


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