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Assessments‎ for Children, Adolescents and Adults

‎Assessments are an essential component to any clinical service. Typically, assessments involve many areas of functioning, inclusive of (but not limited to) family history, academic/cognitive functioing, employment, interpersonal skills, emotional health/functioning, behavioural/delinquency issues, developmental issues, and strengths/risks. Comprehensive assessments allow therapists to understand the unique strengths, risks, and treatment needs of children, youth, and adults, and are often completed before commencing counselling/treatment with individuals. Dr. Schuler has extensive training and professional experience conducting assessments, and routinely presents his comprehensive findings to individuals, families, Child Welfare, Youth Justice/Probation, residential treatment programs, and other health-care programs/professionals. Assessments within Dr. Schuler’s practice may involve psychological, psychiatric, and/or social work components.

Specific assessments include‎:

  • Interpersonal Trauma Assessments (Sexual, Physical, and Emotional Abuse/Neglect and Witnessing of Domestic Violence)
  • General Psychosocial/Functioning Assessments
  • Sexual-Offence Specific Risk Assessments
  • Under 12 Sexualized Behaviour Assessments
  • Assessments for Court Involved Youth


“Dr. Schuler’s workshop was inspiring, informative, and practical… his experience and clinical knowledge provided ‎us with plenty of therapeutic tools to use with our clients”
(Isabella, frontline Child and Youth Worker)

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