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  • ADHD/ADD performance counselling is a unique, multi-level clinical support program for boys between the ages of 12 and 21 who have been diagnosed with ADHD and/or are suspected as having attentional difficulties.
  • This program combines physical performance training, psychotherapy, and psychoeducational support into one unique clinical approach.
  • Physical activity or performance training is highly supported in research as one critical factor in the management of ADHD symptoms/behaviours.
  • ADHD performance coaching is also well suited for high performance, elite athletes assessed as having attentional difficulties, unique learning styles, or struggle with emotional dysregulation.
  • Athletes from various competitive sports have been supported through Schuler Sports Performance such as, AAA/Junior A hockey, League 1 Ontario soccer, Swim Ontario/Swimming Canada, Tennis Canada, Division 1 golf, Triathlon/Ironman, and others on the world stage.
  • Other available services for ADHD performance counselling may include assessment and diagnosis of attentional difficulties and suspected learning disabilities. These services/supports may be provided within Schuler Sports Performance or through one of our community partners.


“Dr. Siegi really knows my ADHD…he helps me understand my brain and how ADHD actually works…I now don’t always feel like I’m weird or just a problem kid.”
(Graydon, age 15 Elite Soccer Academy)

“I never thought ADHD actually could be a positive thing…I just needed to learn how to drive my brain correctly…as Siegi says I just needed a different kind of driving instructor for my brain…Siegi is the best”
(Charlie, 17 MMA Youth Competitor)

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