December 2006
Durham District School Board, Durham Region, Canada
Trauma in Children and Adolescents: Implications within Special Education Classrooms

June 2004
Present Halton Trauma Centre Annual General Meeting, Oakville, Canada
Presentation on Program Clinical Services, Program Statistics, and Supporting Research Guiding Service Delivery

June 2003
Network for Research on Crime and Justice, Toronto, Canada
Workshop Presenter: Sibling Incest & Treatment Implications

May 2002
Centre For Addiction & Mental Health – Clarke Site, Toronto, Canada
Workshop Presenter: Trauma in Children and Adolescents – Treatment Implications

February 2002
Continuum of Service for Adolescents Who Have Sexually Offended, Toronto, Canada
Workshop Presenter: Adolescent Sexual Offenders and Group Work Process

June 2000
Network for Research on Crime and Justice, Ottawa, Canada
Workshop Presenter: Group Treatment for Adolescent Sexual Offenders

November 1999
Scarborough Agencies Sexual Abuse Treatment Program, Toronto, Canada
Workshop Presenter: Conducting Adolescent Sexual Offender Assessments & Treatment Issues