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Schuler Counselling & Consultation provides concierge psychotherapy service to executives, professional athletes, dignitaries and public figures, entertainment celebrities, and those who require additional privacy and discretion. As with all of our clientele, our members who seek and require concierge services want the very highest calibre of expertise and clinical service in all aspects of life, including options for sustaining good mental health and well being.

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

Our premium mental health service is highly recognized in the Greater Toronto Area and Halton Region as a gold-standard in psychotherapy, and collaborative care.

Therapeutic / clinical costs for concierge services are determined based on clinical / service need(s).


“Dr. Schuler was extremely effective in my injury recovery. I experienced a significant hockey concussion almost two years ago and have been battling depression ever since. But, Dr. Schuler got me back from that bad place…”
(former OHL player)

“Dr. Schuler is amazing with young athletes… the pressures of competitive sports on young athletes these days means we need more attention on mental health in sports which is why we connected with Siegi.”
(Father of a competitive teen golfer)

“Everyone needs a Dr. Siegi… I just need to talk with someone before my tournaments.”
(Boy, age 12/Tennis)

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